SpectralWorks releases AnalyzerPro version 5.3

Version 5.3 features the fastest processing speeds yet and has an updated user interface to allow quick and easy navigation to results. Repetitive actions can now be grouped together to create unique and specific workflows to accelerate your productivity.

Additional functionality includes a chromatographic comparison tool, ProfileAnalyzer™ which allows comparison and searching of chromatographic profiles from GC-MS and LC-MS analyses. MatrixAnalyzer™ has also seen major changes and improvements as well as supporting statistical analysis including principal component analysis (PCA) and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine whether there are any significant differences between sample groups.

Scott Campbell (CSO) said he is “delighted with the enhancements. We challenged ourselves during the planning stage to make results available more quickly and it’s great to see that the team delivered. Our new statistical tools in MatrixAnalyzer and the introduction of the ProfileAnalyzer functionality continues to push AnalyzerPro to the forefront of software dedicated to MS data processing. Further enhancements are already in the pipeline to ensure the next version will build on this release and continue to empower our users.” 

Product specialist Hayley Abbiss has already begun work using this version to create a step by step untargeted metabolomics data processing tutorial. The complete GC-MS workflow, including sample data will soon be available for download. The sample data, which will be available from our website, includes six GC-MS data files from an untargeted metabolomics analysis. The tutorial will be a step-by-step guide introducing the new features of the AnalyzerPro data processing workflow for metabolomics experiments. Watch out for further information by following us on Twitter  @SpectralWorksUK

AnalyzerPro 5.3 is available free of charge to all users with an active support contract. For any questions about your support please contact us. Alternatively, you can download a 15-day trial from here.

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