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Intuitive and comprehensive tools to uniquely acquire, control and manage your samples, and to visualize and analyze your complex LC-MS & GC-MS data sets.

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Here at SpectralWorks our focus is to provide quality software solutions for mass spectrometry, meeting the needs of the most demanding research areas within the life sciences community.

Our passion is to develop tools that can be used across all instrumentation, equipping with the ultimate software to enhance your productivity and achieve maximum return on your hardware investment.

If you want to increase your productivity today and maximize the potential of your instrumentation, SpectralWorks provide the most comprehensive and intuitive software solutions available.

A relentless focus on the end user, reducing overheads and increasing productivity.

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We have strong working relationships with a number of the major instrument manufacturers. Coupled with our collaborations in academia and industry, we believe we have the right balance between scientific and software development expertise to provide the best scientific solutions for the end user.


In addition to the wide range of mass spectrometry software products, we provide highly respected consultancy services. These services are able to cover the complete software development cycle or specific steps within a project life cycle.

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Support is available by telephone, email or our online meeting tool. We always reply to communication as soon as possible and endeavour to reply within 24 hours with a statement of the problem and an estimated date for a solution.

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Our latest news:

Rapid Screening of Submicroliter Urine Samples for Drugs of Abuse utilizing Pulsed Gas Ambient Ionization

Rapid detection of trace drugs-of-abuse in urine is demonstrated using a pulsed gas direct analysis in real time ambient ionization equipped time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Submicroliter sampling combined with analysis at multiple temperatures serve to minimize the matrix effects normally encountered in direct analysis of urine without pre-processing to remove salts, proteins, metabolic products including creatinine and urea. Accurate control of the temperature of ionization exiting the DART source and limiting thermal desorption time to one second per sample serve to permit rapid sensitive detection of drugs-of-abuse. Addition of isotopically labelled reference standards and their ionization serve to provide semi-quantitative determination for those drugs detected making the method suitable for high throughput screening of raw urine.

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Simplifying the detection of explosives in a walk-up environment

The composition of volatiles from freshly ground roast-ed coffee is complex, with hundreds of chemical compounds contributing to the aroma. Head-space solid-phase micro-extraction was used to sample volatiles from five different coffees for analysis by GC-MS. Chemometric analysis revealed specific differences between coffees from different origins and different preparations.

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Here’s Gavin Sacks from Cornell Uni on DART-MS applications in food and beverage:

“The strong correlations between GC-MS and DART-MS suggest that the latter could be used as a rapid alternative (∼30s/sample)
to conventional GC-MS analyses (∼30 min/sample). #DART #DARTMS #GCMS"

Missed our poster with @Mass_Spec_UK at the @bmss_official AIEFASIG Meeting last week - “Simplifying the detection of explosives in a walk-up environment”? Visit our website and read it there! #RemoteAnalyzer #Scentinel

Webinar on demand: New possibilities for simple and accurate food and beverage analysis via DART-MS®

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A new paper has been released exploring the use of DART-MS for species identification and classification.

Read the paper to see the direct benefits DART-MS brings to users over the more traditional LC and GC techniques.


“SpectralWorks provide a professional service that allows us to focus on our hardware knowing that our software is always being skillfully looked after by leading developers within the mass spectrometry field.”


I have found AnalyzerPro a valuable tool that has greatly streamlined our metabolomics data processing operations. We are thoroughly satisfied with not only the product but also the accompanying support.

Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

SpectralWorks knows how to translate our, or better our customers, software requirements into a user friendly application. Not only “tailor made modifications” of their own products like AnalyzerPro, but also powerful tools as an add-on to existing software packages. In short…a reliable partner.

Interscience, Holland

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