Quality Evaluation of Food Products Using Multivariate Analysis

The distinctive components between tomato juice products could be searched by capture of aromatic components with a headspace sampler and an non-targeted multivariate analysis by AnalyzerPro. An objective evaluation of the influence of differences in the types of raw materials/production process on aromatic components is possible by this approach.

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A metabolomics-based method for the analysis of wheat grain

For mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics it is recommended to include the analysis of reference samples (preferably pooled study samples), as an added quality control (QC) measure at regular intervals throughout an analytical sequence.

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Automated comparison of Coffee Samples by GC-MS using AnalyzerPro

Advances in Mass Spectrometry and MS data processing are enabling the analysis of micro samples and unknown components that were not previously observed. As the volume of information acquired from MS instruments increases, researchers are calling for more simple techniques to analyse the numerous components observed.

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