Press Release – RemoteAnalyzer and the ACQUITY RDa

We are pleased to announce that SpectralWorks Limited and Waters Corporation have joined forces to provide a walk-up accurate mass confirmation solution using the ACQUITY™ RDa™ Detector with RemoteAnalyzer® interface. Combining the SmartMS technology embedded within the ACQUITY RDa Detector ties in seamlessly with the easy and intuitive RemoteAnalyzer software, … Read more

Quality Evaluation of Food Products Using Multivariate Analysis

The distinctive components between tomato juice products could be searched by capture of aromatic components with a headspace sampler and an non-targeted multivariate analysis by AnalyzerPro. An objective evaluation of the influence of differences in the types of raw materials/production process on aromatic components is possible by this approach.

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Analysis of Coffee Aroma Compounds by Head-space Solid-Phase Microextraction (SPME) GC-MS with the JMS Q1500GC Master-Quad GC-MS

The composition of volatiles from freshly ground roast-ed coffee is complex, with hundreds of chemical compounds contributing to the aroma. Head-space solid-phase micro-extraction was used to sample volatiles from five different coffees for analysis by GC-MS. Chemometric analysis revealed specific differences between coffees from different origins and different preparations.

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