Consultancy & Bespoke Software, Mass Spectrometry


We understand that each business may have an individual approach that sometimes requires a unique solution. We have technical experts who can help and will work with you to develop a software solution which can fully integrate with your workflow and processes.

SpectralWorks has extensive knowledge and a proven track record of development using both the Xcalibur® and Analyst® software development kits. We are in a unique position to assist in any or all of the phases of your project including requirement gathering, specification, design, implementation, release and support.

Bespoke Solutions

Many organizations have specific requirements that cannot be addressed effectively by off the shelf software products. In these situations our bespoke software solutions can enable the provision of an exact fit. Our bespoke solutions are highly optimized solutions to address your specific requirements.

Based on your business objectives and project requirements, SpectralWorks can assist in all stages of development to create a solution for you. We have a combined total of over 40 years experience in mass spectrometry and are competent at assisting in hardware projects too.

There is no such thing as a typical project, it’s your project. In the past we have undertaken projects lasting from days to years. We have a range of experience and have developed solutions for clients in many industries from academia to large pharmaceutical and in markets ranging from clinical to Metabolomics.

From our excellent track record, we are confident that our bespoke software will allow you to achieve your objectives. Our goal is to seek a long term relationships with our clients by earning their trust and delivering projects on time and to budget. Let’s face it though, sometimes we do get it wrong, the software industry is full of examples of this and to claim otherwise would be stretching the truth. We believe that through the processes we have in place and the constant drive to improve these you will not be disappointed with our services.


We have broad experience of developing software solutions and are able to draw on ‘best practices’ from a wider range of disciplines than may be available in house. We have experience of project work from banking to aerospace and will strive to find the best solution for your project. A few of the benefits you might see:

  • Requirements and specifications developed in conjunction with Joint Application Development groups
  • Access to broad range of expertise and technologies
  • Full or partial program development and involvement including beta programmes where appropriate
  • Flexible support and development options
  • Online software change management tools

Device Drivers

We can help. We have integrated third party devices into many of the major manufacturers’ software environments. It may be at the request of the supplier or the end user but in either case the objective is the same; provide a cost efficient solution to your device driver project.

  • Instrument integration from balances to temperature probes
  • Intelligent drivers for auto-recovery and flexibility
  • New inlet devices for MS instrumentation
  • Autosampler, HPLC and GC device drivers
  • Integration of full systems into existing vendors software
  • Integration of legacy equipment in to new platforms

Mass Spec Data Systems

With the backbone of data processing and peripheral control let us provide the ‘Mass Spec Driver’ to complete the package. This is particularly useful where there is a targeted application for a novel or unique MS instrument. Some examples:

  • Simplified end user interfaces
  • Touch screen compatibility solutions
  • Ultra fast acquisition systems
  • Intelligent data dependant sample management capabilities

Vendor’s Software

Thermo Fisher Scientifics’ Xcalibur Development Kit (XDK), the MDS Analytical Technologies, formerly MDS SCIEXs’ Analyst Access Object (AAO), Agilents’ Chemstation® Macro Language and Waters’ MassLynx® Macro Language are examples of these tools. If you have a specific requirement of these or any instrument software platform we can provide an effective and affordable solution.

  • Control and integration of legacy inlet systems (eg GC and LC)
  • Custom data reporting packages
  • LIMS integration solutions
  • Device monitoring and control capabilities
  • Intelligent acquisition systems
  • Data processing algorithm implementation
  • Data visualization and conversion

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