AnalyzerPro® as MSc Teaching Tool at University of Melbourne

SpectralWorks AnalyzerPro® mass spectrometry data mining software has been adopted as a teaching tool for Masters students studying metabolomics and proteomics at the University of Melbourne, Australia. “Data processing and analysis is a key element in this field”, said Scott Campbell, Vice President (R&D) of SpectralWorks, of SpectralWorks, “and we are very pleased to support this teaching initiative.”

The AnalyzerPro software is used in the practical metabolomics workshop of the Masters of Biotechnology course.

About University of Melbourne

Metabolomics Australia (MA) was founded in 2007 and is the first high throughput Metabolomics facility in Australia, it is national initiative and The University of Melbourne (UM) is the hub where analytical and bioinformatics services are developed. MA UM services are focused on all areas of technology for small molecule analysis with the aim of providing access to world class expertise, analytical technologies and bioinformatics for academic and government research organisations and private industry. The breadth of capability extends to a variety of research domains including environmental science, agriculture, food and beverage science and biomedical science.

In addition to providing analytical services and access to metabolomics infrastructure and expertise through a research hotel concept, MA develops new technologies for metabolite analysis, identification and data analysis (bioinformatics/biostatistics).