RemoteAnalyzer: The complete Walk-up Software solution

RemoteAnalyzer: The complete Walk-up Software solution

ASMS 2019 Corporate Poster

First Published: ASMS (Atlanta) 2nd June 2019.

Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool used in many laboratories from undergraduate teaching to commercial screening. The need to reach the correct result as quickly as possible is more important for the end user that the underlying technology. It is now commonplace to see laboratories with multiple instruments from different vendors with different capabilities. To allow mass spectrometry to be fully utilized as a research tool or as part of a commercial workflow, we need to standardize how the end users interface with the instrument. Here we present how SpectralWorks’ RemoteAnalyzer software provides a simple walk-up solution that allows mass spectrometry users and specialists in other fields to fully utilize these analytical capabilities.

The end user workflow needs to be as simple as possible. Figure 1 shows this process.

The user starts by selecting the experiment and then completes the specific submission template to ensure that the associated meta-data is captured. The scheduling and running of samples is handled by the RemoteAnalyzer server. The user simply has to confirm that they have placed the sample in the autosampler.

Once the sample has been acquired, it is automatically uploaded to the server to be processed. RemoteAnalyzer can then email the results to the user, an example of this is shown in Figure 2.

The user can interact with the results by logging in to the RemoteAnalyzer server. A typical results page is shown in Figure 3. This allows the user to explore the results on any connected device to view and zoom spectra and chromatograms as well as look at different chromatographic traces. Addional processing is also available such as library searching or elemental composition calculations.

Training requirements are minimal and users can start acquiring data as soon as they receive their username and password. As additional instruments or capabilies are added, the user interface does not change. By standardizing the user workflow, RemoteAnalyzer can easily make mass spectrometry more accessible. Figure 4 shows the results of a one-month pilot study were a tradional system was replaced with RemoteAnalyzer.

The number of users using the instrument, and the number of samples they submitied increased and the turnaround time was significantly reduced. The utilization of instruments can be clearly seen to improve.

RemoteAnalyzer walk-up software is the only solution to standardize and simplify your acquisition and data processing workflow. From running an individual sample to managing a complete network of instruments and users, RemoteAnalyzer can streamline every aspect of your laboratory’s operations. A robust and intuitive software solution that works with all the common mass spectrometry and NMR instruments to deliver, high quality results no matter how complex your samples or workflows.