AnalyzerPro XD Publications

A metabolomics-based method for the analysis of wheat grain

For mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics it is recommended to include the analysis of reference samples (preferably pooled study samples), as an added quality control (QC) measure at regular intervals throughout an analytical sequence.

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2D GC-MS Characterization of Whiskies using AnalyzerPro® XD

Comprehensive two-dimensional GC-MS is a powerful analytical tool that has evolved from technology used mainly in the R&D laboratory to a robust commercially available solution from several manufacturers. As the amount of data from these instruments can be overwhelming, we have developed AnalyzerPro XD as a vendor neutral 2D data processing solution for all chromatographic-MS data. This software uses chromatographic deconvolution and component reconstruction to isolate the components from each sample.

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