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AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro® XD is the latest version of our productivity software application now available with support for two dimensional chromatography and Direct MS.

Two-dimensional chromatography is a powerful analytical tool that has evolved from technology used mainly in the R&D laboratory to a robust commercially available solution from several manufacturers.  The technology continues to evolve to address challenges in the analysis of complex samples.

Direct MS, such as DART, MALDI or LC-MS loop injections can be a fast screening MS method. We have developed specific processing modules within AnalyzerPro XD for qualitative and quantitative processing and visualisation of Direct MS data.

Vendor neutral processing solution

As the amount of data from these instruments can be overwhelming, we have developed AnalyzerPro XD as a vendor neutral 2D data processing solu­tion for all chromatographic-MS data.

Although 2D chromatography greatly increases the effective resolution and peak capacity of the separation, chromatographic deconvolution still has an important part to play in being able to effectively separate closely eluting components. Current software, which tends to deal with the data on a pixel-level, such as imaging software, no longer meets the requirements of being able to extend chemometric analysis to peak-level data.

Applicable to both 2DGC-MS and 2DLC-MS we support all the major manufacturers data formats. Analyzer Pro XD brings the same targeted, un-targeted and quantitative data processing, statistical analysis and visualisation to both 1D and 2D data.

Rather than downloading an evaluation copy, why not contact us for an on line demonstration. It’s even better if you can send us some typical data of your own so that we can tailor the demo to your specific requirements. Simply request a demonstration and we’ll set up the rest.

Don’t just take our word for it. Where appropriate and with their permission, we are always happy to put you in direct contact with our users. Check out the testimonies from some of our users below, and read on down the page for more product features.

Download the AnalyzerPro XD PDF brochure here.

Customer Testimonials

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Chromatographic Deconvolution

Learn about AnalyzerPro’s chromatographic deconvolution functionality.

Target Component Analysis

Create Target Component Libraries from your own data.


MatrixAnalyzer allows you to compare multiple data files to determine similarities or differences including the ability to view your results using Principal Component Analysis (PCA).


Our unique ProfileAnalyzer allows you to library search entire samples using our unique ‘Spectragram’ data processing.

Supported Data File Formats

AnalyzerPro XD is vendor neutral 2D data processing solu­tion for all chromatographic-MS data. Read more about supported file formats:

AnalyzerPro XD Publications

AnalyzerPro XD is used worldwide by many talented and highly motivated scientists and it is always good to hear how they are using our product. We are grateful to those who have already shared their work with us and here you can see some of the interesting projects that our users are involved in. If you have an application which you would like to share with others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Rapid Screening of Submicroliter Urine Samples for Drugs of Abuse utilizing Pulsed Gas Ambient Ionization

Rapid detection of trace drugs-of-abuse in urine is demonstrated using a pulsed gas direct analysis in real time ambient ionization equipped time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Submicroliter sampling combined with analysis at multiple temperatures serve to minimize the matrix effects normally encountered in direct analysis of urine without pre-processing to remove salts, proteins, metabolic products including creatinine and urea. Accurate control of the temperature of ionization exiting the DART source and limiting thermal desorption time to one second per sample serve to permit rapid sensitive detection of drugs-of-abuse. Addition of isotopically labelled reference standards and their ionization serve to provide semi-quantitative determination for those drugs detected making the method suitable for high throughput screening of raw urine.

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Simplifying the detection of explosives in a walk-up environment

The composition of volatiles from freshly ground roast-ed coffee is complex, with hundreds of chemical compounds contributing to the aroma. Head-space solid-phase micro-extraction was used to sample volatiles from five different coffees for analysis by GC-MS. Chemometric analysis revealed specific differences between coffees from different origins and different preparations.

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