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Walk-up analysis for the masses

Plastic pollution is now an endemic problem in society, and has been identified as a potential planetary boundary threat.1 This project aims to create a standardised method for the sampling and characterisation of plastics using TD-GC-MS. Firstly, unique marker compounds for known plastics and their additives must be found. Research question: Is it possible to use TD-GC-MS to differentiate by material?

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Maximizing Flexibility on a High Resolution Open Access LC/MS System

Traditionally, mass spectrometers commonly available to open access core facility users are low resolution GC-EIMS or LC-ESIMS with single quadrupole mass filters.

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RemoteAnalyzer: The complete Walk-up Software solution

Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool used in many laboratories from undergraduate teaching to commercial screening. The need to reach the correct result as quickly as possible is more important for the end user that the underlying technology.

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A GC-MS and LC-MS Open Access Software Solution – User experiences

Advances in high throughput techniques, chemistries and analyses, have revolutionised the research landscape. The use of automated systems underpins the majority of chromatography-mass spectrometry approaches.

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SpectralWorks and Mestrelab Research SL announce mutual reseller agreement

The software companies SpectralWorks Ltd (SpectralWorks) and Mestrelab Research SL (Mestrelab) announced today that they have entered into a mutual reseller agreement. Under this agreement both parties will be able to promote the full suite of products available from each company.

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SpectralWorks uses Zendesk for Support Management and Tracking

SpectralWorks has introduced Zendesk as its’ online customer support solution. 

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