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AnalyzerPro is used worldwide by many talented and highly motivated scientists and it is always good to hear how they are using our product. We are grateful to those who have already shared their work with us and we can let you see some of the interesting projects that our users are involved in. If you have an application which you would like to share with others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

GC- and LC-MS metabolomics data processing, correction and quality assessment

To reduce the impact of non-biological variance introduced into untargeted metabolomics datasets by, among other factors, gradual changes in instrument performance, it is common practice ...

Investigating the gut microbiome using metabolomics

Metabolomics has a great potential in addressing the metabolic gap in microbe-host systems and expanding knowledge on the human gut microbial metabolism.

Comprehensive Analysis + Unknown Component Analysis of Vinyl Acetate Resins Using Pyrolysis GC-MS

Characteristic Component Extraction by Multiple Classification PCA and Component Identification by High Resolution MS

Using Volcano Plots to Compare Vinyl Acetate Resin Samples Measured by Pyrolysis GC-MS

Using Volcano Plots to Compare Vinyl Acetate Resin Samples Measured by Pyrolysis GC-MS

Comprehensive Analysis + Unknown Component Analysis of Coffee Samples Using Headspace GC- MS

Characteristic Component Extraction by Multiple Classification PCA and Component Identification by High Resolution MS

Chromatographic Deconvolution

Why Deconvolution?

Deconvolution for LC-ESI-MS/MS

Deconvolution for LC-ESI-MS/MS

Using AnalyzerPro for Quantitation

A step-by-step tutorial for a streamlined untargeted metabolomics data processing workflow to understand fungal infection in frogs using AnalyzerPro.

An Automated Metabolomics Data Processing Workflow to Distinguish Metabolite Profiles

In metabolomics, fast, automated software solutions are required to handle large data sets. See how AnalyzerPro can address your needs.

Frog Data Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial for a streamlined untargeted metabolomics data processing workflow to understand fungal infection in frogs using AnalyzerPro.

A GC-MS-based longitudinal untargeted metabolomic analysis of plasma from the Lewis Polycystic Kidney rat model of nephronophthisis

Nephronophthisis (NPHP) is inherited and typically presents with cysts in the kidney and liver, leading to end-stage kidney disease. Learn how a metabolomics approach, was followed to identify early biomarkers in the blood plasma of the LPK rat

Optimization of tissue extraction for GCMS metabolomic analysis reveals altered metabolism of barbiturates in a polycystic kidney disease model

During extraction optimization for an untargeted GCMS metabolomic analysis of the Lewis Polycystic Kidney rat, it was found that barbiturates (euthanasia drug) are altered in both kidney and liver tissue.

Deconvolution of Chemical Signals from Endangered African Wild Dogs

Check out how AnalyzerPro is being used to replicate the chemical signals that African wild dogs use to advertise their occupation of an area.

Using AnalyzerPro® to Complete your Metabolomics Workflow

A case study from Murdoch University showing how they use AnalyzerPro in their Metabolomics workflow.

A Metabolomic Investigation of G-protein Signaling

Using AnalyzerPro and The Unscrambler in a metabolomics workflow.

Volatile Biomarkers of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis and Noncystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis

Using AnalyzerPro to determine whether volatile organic compounds specific to Pseudomonas aeruginosa could be detected in clinical sputum specimens.

The Fungal Effector ToxA causes Significant Metabolic Perturbations in Wheat

Using a comprehensive metabolomics approach in order to investigate the biochemical response of wheat to the Stagonospora nodorum necrotrophic fungal pathogen using GC-MS and AnalyzerPro.

Metabolomic Exploration of Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Stress-Tolerant Plants

Explore how Charles Warren is using metabolomics to provide major insights into what it is that makes plants tolerant of abiotic stresses.

Metabolite profiling identifies the mycotoxin alternariol in the pathogen Stagonospora nodorum

See how AnalyzerPro was used in the first report to confirm the presence of a mycotoxin in S. nodorum and compelling the field to consider the health implication of this disease.

A metabolomic approach to dissecting osmotic stress in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum

Using AnalyzerPro in a non-targeted metabolomics approach to identify significant changes in metabolism upon exposure of the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum to 0.5 M NaC.

Automated Component Detection and Matrix Analysis of Time Resolved MS data - Analysis of Wine Volatiles by GC/MS

How to provide an objective assessment of the change of wine volatiles using solid phase microextraction (SPME) GC-MS over an extended period of time and processing the results with AnalyzerPro.

Rapid and Automated Identification of Components in Petroleum Based Samples

Showing how the analysis of a petroleum based sample using AnalyzerPro, an intuitive vendor independent mass spectrometry data processing application can be rapid and automated for the detection of components.

The Use of Mass Spectrometry to Monitor the Effect of Genetic Modifications on the Metabolism of Yeast

Learn how you can use target component analysis in AnalyzerPro to monitor pathways and the underlying biochemistry in the metabolism of yeast.

The use of GC/MS to Determine Water Quality

Using AnalyzerPro to carry out both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of water to determination its quality for public health and environmental reasons.

Chromatographic Fingerprinting and Comparative Analysis for Chemical Profiling by Mass Spectrometry

Learn how chromatographic ‘fingerprinting’ yielded a quick graphical overview of complex data in AnalyzerPro that was easier to review than the total ion chromatograms.

Automated Data Analysis of Complex Arson Samples

Learn how AnalyzerPro is used in the analysis of complex arson samples to determine if accelerants have been used.

A metabolomics study of Plasmodium falciparum infection of red blood cells in the absence and presence of antimalarials

Malaria remains a scourge of the developing world, killing over a million people each year and infecting around 500 million. Learn how AnalyzerPro has been used to process data in a metabolomics approach to resolving the problem.

Characterization of Blood VOCs By GC-MS

Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a variety of natural and anthropogenic sources is ubiquitous in an area of public health concern, learn how AnalyzerPro is being used in this area.

Analysis of Data from Different Mass Analyzers

See how we processed data using AnalyzerPro from different mass analyzers.

Analyzing High Resolution Mass Spectrometer Data

Using AnalyzerPro to process complex samples and maintain the integrity of high resolution accurate mass data from the HPLC-MS analysis of a number of amino acids.

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Complex Samples

Using AnalyzerPro to characterize the chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke using both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Metabolite Peak Identification and Data Structure in a Multi-Site, Large Scale Metabolomics Experiment

Explorer how AnalyzerPro was used to do the data analysis of GC-MS data from three different mass spectrometers.

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