Automated comparison of Coffee Samples by GC-MS using AnalyzerPro

Advances in Mass Spectrometry and MS data processing are enabling the analysis of micro samples and unknown components that were not previously observed. As the volume of information acquired from MS instruments increases, researchers are calling for more simple techniques to analyse the numerous components observed.

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RemoteAnalyzer: The complete Walk-up Software solution

Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool used in many laboratories from undergraduate teaching to commercial screening. The need to reach the correct result as quickly as possible is more important for the end user that the underlying technology.

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An Automated Ignitable Liquid Analysis Workflow for Forensic Laboratories

Forensic laboratories routinely analyze samples collected from fire scenes for the presence of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs). ILRs are often recovered from fire debris using a passive heated headspace extraction, with adsorption of volatile components on active carbon followed by solvent or thermal desorption.

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