SpectralWorks Releases AnalyzerPro version 5.5

Version 5. features a number of enhancements including a revision of the user interface which groups common functionalities together for ease of use. Tutorials and trouobleshooting are now included in the help documentation as well as method optimization suggestions.

  • MatrixAnalyzer PCA Plot could fail to display if change to/from use normalized results if a sample has been deleted.
  • Add base peak m/z value to MatrixAnalyzer Report as an option.
  • Component markers on normalized data could be plotted above the TIC.
  • Show Component spectra in matrix viewer could produce and error if a different target library is selected in the method.
  • Quan Viewer Chromatogram Thumbnails previously to 66 now unlimited.
  • Viewing library search spectrum from previous results could be blank.
  • Base peak area added to summary report.
  • Category information now exported from Quan results to Matrix if available.
  • Previously could select up to 5 NIST format libraries for search. Limit removed.
  • Added the "not found"" targets report to Qual reporting.
  • On Display Tab (General) move label m/z have separate functionality on Spectrum and Component Spectrum .
  • In some cases installing an ap.lic file at the end of an evaluation license could fail.
  • ProfileAnalyzer method settings now persist with the saved method.
  • Reset to defaults option added to the Qual method editor.
  • Ribbon bar and panels redesigned. Better layout to reduce mouse movement and clicks.
  • New Views layout provided for Data Viewer, Components, Sequence and Reports.
  • Can create a target component library based on the edited results in MatrixAnalyzer.
  • Display thickness of Chromatograms and Spectra plots can be set in Preferences.
  • The library spectra for the selected component in MatrixAnalyzer can be displayed.
  • Re-calculate the p values for volcano plots based on the categories displayed and not all the categories in the matrix when categories have been removed.
  • In some case the Fold change combo boxes did not change after deleting a category.
  • MatrixAnalyzer bar graph re-displays when removing files.
  • Can copy and paste sample weight and dilution factors into a sequence e.g. from Excel.
  • Can annotate PCA loadings and scores plots.
  • Have an option to display component label in MatrixAnalyzer.
  • Zero p-Values / fold changes are not shown in volcano plot.
  • Molecular formula from NIST search result has been added to the Summary Report.
  • User selectable categories to display the volcano plot.
  • Can filter on the tags / classes and display PCA.
  • Quantitation results can be exported to Matrix for PCA visualization.
  • Components can be deleted from the quantitation results.
  • Editing the ProfileAnalyzer method will recalculate the results.
  • Currently selected component is identified on the Chromatogram with a dot under the chromatogram. Currently selected spectrum is identified with a caret under the Chromatogram.
  • Relative intensity threshold exposed in Elemental Composition method.
  • Spectral matching scores added to ProfileAnalyzer.
  • Force Origin in single point calibration in quantitation calculates R2 and displays curve.
  • Show the EICs for a selected target component.
  • Can view a specific trace over a number of samples in the sequence.
  • Component filter and comment information is shown in the summary report.
  • Can add or delete comment on a component.
  • Detect Current Trace available for UV and analog channels using detect current trace.
  • ProfileAnalyzer components display now has a force labels option to show all component labels regardless of whether they may overlap each other.
  • Multiple columns in reports, e.g. MatrixAnalyzer or Summary Report can be resized at the same time.
  • MatrixAnalzyer Volcano Plot will label the currently selected component on the Volcano Plot as well as highlighting it in the table.
  • Synchronization of component and raw spectra is now an on/off toggle.
  • Quantitation Tutorial added to help files
  • Metabolomics Tutorial added to help file
  • Troubleshooting section added
  • Method optimization guidelines added

Please feel free to download this new version.

AnalyzerPro 5.5 is available free of charge to all users with an active support contract. For any questions about your support please contact us. Alternatively, you can download a 15-day trial from here.

Watch out for further information by following us on Twitter  @SpectralWorksUK

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