Environmental and Food Analysis Special Interest Group (EFASIG) 2019 Meeting

The Environmental and Food Special Interest Group (EFASIG) of the BMSS arranges focussed and topical meetings at intervals. EFASIG2019 will be held at Manchester Metropolitan University on the 17th July 2019, hosted by Dr. David Megson (Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Environmental Forensics).

The subject of this meeting is:

Applications of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry - with a Focus on Environmental Forensics and Non-Targeted Analysis.

The meeting will cover:

  • Environmental Forensics.
  • Non-Targeted Analysis.
  • General applications:
    • Environmental Matrix Analysis.
    • Chemical Contaminant Migration into Food.

We will be presenting a 20 minute talk on the Automated Comparson of Coffee Samples by GC-MS showing end to end data processing of GC-MS data from chromatographic deconvolution to presenting PCA and Volcano plots. Further examples using 2 Dimensional GC-MS analysis of whisky samples will also be described.

Further information regarding this event is available here.


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