The Universal Zero Footprint Sample Submission and Data Processing Solution for MS and NMR

The Universal Zero Footprint Sample Submission and Data Processing Solution for MS and NMR.

RemoteAnalyzer is the open access software solution for today’s fast-paced laboratory. It is designed to operate and optimize the management of multiple locations, multiple types of analysis, multiple scientists of the entire skill set range as well as multiple instrument types from all the major instrument vendors. The walk-up easy access provided by RemoteAnalyzer automatically leads scientists through sample submission and experiment selection making mass spectrometry and NMR accessible to everyone under one simple interface.

Managers Gain Greater Control and Convenience:

  • From running an individual sample to managing a complete network of instruments and users, you can simplify every aspect of your laboratory operation.
  • Analytical systems may be clustered in a single facility, spread across an entire campus, or even multiple remote sites, according to your needs.
  • Controls all your MS and NMR instruments using robust and intuitive software to deliver reliable, high quality results no matter how complex your samples or workflows.
  • Delivers laboratory managers efficient control and oversight over every aspect of their operation remotely on any device.
  • Web based access with real-time updates, allows managers to ‘keep a finger on the pulse’ regardless of physical location.
  • Sample submission templates and final reports can be customized to suit a particular application or user group. Which simplifies the workflow making it easy to log samples and receive results anywhere and at any time.
  • The requirement for user training is significantly reduced and the need for users to learn multiple software packages is eliminated.
  • Support for single samples, batches of samples and sample plates submission. Samples can be run as soon as possible, according to their priority or may be scheduled to run at periods of lower demands such as overnight.

Users Appreciate Greater Ease-of-Use and Efficiency:

  • Data files and sample meta data accessible using a web browser allows a single point of access to all your information.
  • Reach maximum potential and increase productivity and throughput by being able to use any instrument without the need for specific training.
  • Simplifies workflow in three clearly defined steps.
  • Use of barcodes reduces possible transcription errors and streamlines sample submission workflow.
  • Results received electronically may be manipulated with any web browser. No need for vendor specific software.
  • Increased instrument utilization reduces the per sample cost of analysis.

User Privileges:

  • Assign users to particular groups or projects as either a user or a supervisor.
  • Define instruments, methods and experiments for each user or group.
  • Manage the users’ access to the system, their permissions and data.

Experiential Setup

  • Select sample submission template as this defines the sample meta data required from the user.
  • Define instrument acquisition method.
  • Assign post acquisition data processing method and set reporting requirements.

Monitor and Manage

  • Setup system-wide or user-specific alerts for instrument availability and system status information.
  • Create reports based on instrument, method, or group for simplified visibility and recording of key utilization figures.
  • Create raw data archiving on the remote server for greater security, easy access and reduced storage on instrument computers.
  • Track instrument usage to effectively schedule preventive maintenance.
  • Review analysis information for individual users, groups, sites or projects, at any time, from any location.

Everyone from first time users to experienced chemists can work faster, easier and more efficiently with RemoteAnalyzer. Each step is clearly defined in this simple to use, intuitive software where users can be up and running their samples in minutes without having to spend time learning software for all the instruments in the laboratory.