Efficiency Delivered in Three Simple Steps – RemoteAnalyzer

Efficiency Delivered in Three Simple Steps

Increase the efficiency and productivity within your laboratory for all your MS and NMR sample analysis requirements.

Unique to RemoteAnalyzer is the ability to submit samples and review data across multiple vendors’ platforms and analytical techniques. One ‘Remote’ controls everything in three simple steps.

RemoteAnalyzer workflow

Figure 1. RemoteAnalyzer workflow.


To submit a sample, select the group, project and experiment and then click on the ‘Add Sample’ button.

Submit a sample to RemoteAnalyzer

Figure 2. Submit a sample

Each experiment has a sample submission template that is set by the administrator and can be customized to meet the exact needs of the user. This may be meta data, health and safety information or it can be additional instrument parameters, like injection volume or user specific data processing parameters.

Enter experiment information

Figure 3. Enter experiment information

Once you have provided the relevant information, click ‘Save’ to submit your sample.

Scan & Confirm

After you have submitted your sample, you’ll need to take it into the laboratory. Once there, use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode on your sample or if you have submitted a plate, you can scan the plate’s barcode. The Sample Confirmation software will instruct you which instrument is going to acquire your sample and the vial position on the auto-sampler you need to place your sample. After you have correctly placed your sample, tap ‘Confirm’ so that RemoteAnalyzer knows that it can acquire the sample.

Scan and confirm sample

Figure 4. Scan and confirm sample

Review Results

For results on the go and as quickly as possible, RemoteAnalyzer can be configured to automatically notify you and email the results to you. The perfect solution when fast turnaround is a must have requirement for your laboratory.

Sometimes though a PDF report of your results isn’t enough. Perhaps you want to zoom in on a section of the chromatogram, or look at the spectrum at a given retention time. If this is what you require, you can log into RemoteAnalyzer from any device and access your sample’s raw data or your processing results and use our interactive tools, all within your standard web browser.

Review results

Figure 5. Review results

Regardless of instrument vendor or analytical technique, such as GC-MS, LC-MS or NMR, RemoteAnalyzer provides you with one simple, consistent user interface to drive efficiency and increase productivity within your laboratory. The simple way samples can be submitted allows many more non-expert users to use your instruments correctly. This in turn increases the number of samples which can be run by your instruments and effectively reduces the per sample cost of sample analysis.

Review results

Figure 6. Review results