DART/Direct MS

DART® stands for Direct Analysis in Real Time. It is a new ionization for rapid, non-contact surface sampling of compounds. Operating at ambient pressure with the sample at ground potential, the source enables near instantaneous determination of sample composition by using mass spectrometry. Electronic or vibronic excited-state species generated in the source interact with reagent molecules and polar or non-polar analyte present near the inlet of the mass spectrometer.

How DART® Works

An electrical discharge creates a plasma as inert gas flows through the DART® chamber. The plasma contains ions, electrons, and excited neutral atoms and molecules. Electrostatic lenses in the DART® remove ions and electrons, leaving only long-lived electronically or vibronically excited atoms and molecules (metasables). A grid at the exit of the DART® source prevents ion-electron recombination and acts as an electron source for negative-ion formation. A heater coil increases the temperature of the gas as it travels towards the exit orifice of the source. An insulator cap ensures that no exposure to high voltage occurs outside the plasma chamber. The heated gas containing neutral but highly energetic atoms and molecules exits the source heading towards the inlet of the atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer.

The ions produced in the vapor phases between the DART® insulator cap and mass spectrometer inlet are formed by interaction of the electronic excited-state species of helium or neon or vibronic excited-state species of nitrogen with the sample. The heated gas also assists in desorption of molecules on the surface of materials placed along the path between the cap and inlet.

New Technologies and Consumables

The recent introduction of IonSense's novel “JumpShot Technology” for DART, uses unique features in our AnalyzerPro XD software to streamline DART-MS data analysis in High Throughput Experimentation (HTE).  The DART-SVP, OS and now JumpShot, utilize the patented VAPUR interface to interface with LC/MS systems from major instrument vendors including; Agilent, Bruker, SCIEX, Thermo, Shimadzu  and WATERS. Sales, installation and product support, as well as DIP-it®, SPE-it®, QuickStrip® and OpenSpot consumables are all available from us.

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SpectralWorks knows how to translate our, or better our customers, software requirements into a user friendly application. Not only "tailor made modifications" of their own products like AnalyzerPro, but also powerful tools as an add-on to existing software packages. In short…a reliable partner.

Interscience, Holland

AnalyzerPro is the program we use to quantify urine organic acids and generate individual reports for our patient samples. It is particularly beneficial to us as it can be readily adapted to our specific needs now and in the future.

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK

We find AnalyzerPro very useful for harvesting peak information from complex chromatograms. It allows us to accomplish in hours or even minutes what it used to take weeks to do manually.

North Carolina State University, USA

I have found AnalyzerPro a valuable tool that has greatly streamlined our metabolomics data processing operations. We are thoroughly satisfied with not only the product but also the accompanying support.

Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

SpectralWorks provide a professional service that allows us to focus on our hardware knowing that our software is always being skillfully looked after by leading developers within the mass spectrometry field.


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AnalyzerPro XD

AnalyzerPro XD

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NIST 20 MS and MS/MS Libraries

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